1. Lead singer and bass player of the legendary band, NOFX.

2. GOD
We should all worship at FAT MIKE's FEET. He is the REAL GOD.

by Captain Howdie October 03, 2007
Top Definition
He's obsessed with big lesbians, he's been a punk rocker for most of his life, he sings kinda flat, he's not really so fat, but that's how he hits with a hook or a slice
Fat Mike I gotta let you know
It's not the tunes, it's their live show
And all the people you get to meet
Plenty of good vibes and decent drugs
Stinky people give you hugs
Walk around in your bare feet
by lane October 03, 2004
Bassist and main vocalist for the freakin' awesome punk band NOFX. Owns a record label called Fat Wreck Chords, www.punkvoter.com, and hates George Bush and the American government with a passion (good for him! ^^ )
Listen to one of their cd's for an example.. o.O
by Z-chan June 04, 2004
Bassist, lead vocals for band NOFX. Runs www.PunkVoter.com
Awesome guy
Fat Mike is an awesome guy.
by AlexOutbreak March 20, 2004
fat mike is the coolest man known to walk the planet. Also one of the most incredibly smartest, in more than one way. For those of you who disagree, turn off the radio, and listen to the music.

baa baa baa is what the sheep say. The radio is your sheperd. Follow your sheperd, little sheep. Follow him.
you are retarded for not loving fat mike.
by schnibbly wonka November 01, 2004
When someone busts open a locker and pisses on their shit.
"i am gonna bust open this kids locker and give him a Fat Mike."
by Shaggy March 09, 2005
A lil chubby boy who's a bit of a douche
Oh I just want to pinch those chubby little cheeks
by Happy Gilmore September 17, 2004

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