An alcoholic drink consisting of 1 sminoff ice, 1 blue WKD and 1 Kiwi Reef, served in 2 pint glasses with ice!!
"ill have 2 fat frogs please love!2
"there you go, that'll be 5.10 please love?"
by beejaye February 18, 2006
Top Definition
An alcoholic drink consiting of 1 Smirnoff Ice, 1 Blue WKD and 1 Orange Barcardi Breezer. The drink is of a Nuclear Green colour like the Ice-Pop.
Served in a pint Glass and 2 will have you floored.

What you drinkin? A Fat Frog man
'What you drinkin?' 'A Fat Frog man'
by Caoi May 28, 2005
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