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Fat Freddy, a fat, ginger haired, moustached hippy was of course one of "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" made famous by Gilbert Shelton of Knockabout Comics in the 1970s. Fat Freddy also had a really cool cat called "Fat Freddy's Cat".
Fat Freddy says: Keed Spills! No...wait a minute. Pill Skeeds! Er, uh...Skill Peeds! ?
by spunky monkey August 18, 2007
Fat Freddy is a street name for Ecstasy used in Australia and New Zealand. The band "Fat Freddy's Drop" uses the street drug as a name.
Jordan: Yo dude got any Fat Freddy's?
Bailey: Ye bruv, lets get fucked up.
by jeezcakes December 13, 2015
1. One total hunk
2. Bad arse
That man was so fat freddy
by Badarse December 10, 2004

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