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A specific sub-culture in the "gay" scene that is associated with the "manbear" subculture.

The Fat Emos have the "fat" aesthetic and are knowing to simply "suck-at-life" because they are unskilled, untalented, uncharismatic, physically inadequate and are reluctant to lose any fatness because they see "Fat" as a symbol of their lifes "Plateau".

They are a marginalised bunch who cling to their last crumbs of comfort. ie - Their fatness.

They may have 2 or more mental illnesses and glamorize alcoholism.

And they may also come across as bitter and cynical simply because they have NO vocation in life.

Not much different from any other Underclass stereotype.
"Look, ur a Fat Emo, now piss off."

"Am not like the rest of you Fat Emos, I actually have a lust for life"

"Our friendship didn't last, I just wasn't EMO enough"

"Esteem dosen't compute with these Fat Emos"

"Look you fat emo, I have a lust for life, you have a lust for pies, beer and prozac"

"So Bipolar must be pretty popular amongst you fat emos"
by Not-One-Of-Them August 18, 2012
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