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One that has had and still has a lifelong career planned out for him in the Microbyte. He has a liking for birds as well as spending his evenings playing with Pam and her five sisters while drinking numerous bottles of buckie and messing with narcotics. Also has an obsession with Claire!
Location:Microbyte (Claire is standing in sandwich queue)
Fat Baldy pokes Claire.
Fat Baldy: "Alright wee lass?"
Claire: "Yeah, I'm good thanks"
Fat Baldy: "Why don't you and your pals fire through to Livvy some weekend for a few bevvies?"
by Gastonator January 16, 2008
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aka Community Service Guy, a man who for some perverse reason becomes defined by his court ordered punishment. Despite being banned from Edinburgh city centre he is able to work on the city limits despite his court ordered ankle tag beeping as he passes the hermiston park and ride.
Fat Baldy had a quiet night in last night 3 bottles of buckie and 5 lines of coke.
by Daveee Reeeed January 17, 2009

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