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A person, usually brainwashed by mainstream fashion trends, who makes rules about what an individual can or can't wear or buy. The average fashion editor can be considered a fashtard; any person writing for, reading, or buying Glamour magazine would be immediatly labeled a fashtard; people who refuse to buy non-name-brand items and people who believe in the term must-have are straight-up fashtards.

Fashtards are highly influential people, and if encountered during day-to-day life, prove very easy to fuck with. Try telling a suspected fashtard of a new fashion trend or rule that everyone is following in some other part of the world, and see if they don't tell all their friends. Give a fashtard the most hideous dress, citing its heyday 40 years ago, and they will proudly tote it as vintage.
If you are reading this, you most likely followed a link from my site and are a fashtard. I know about your type..
by Sullen Girl October 09, 2006
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