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A fart in a freezing cold environment.
The frigid stillness was the perfect place to produce a fartsicle for our collective enjoyment.
by Ross Caldwell November 07, 2003
33 22
n. flatulance in such a cold environment that one might expect it to solidify like an icicle.

Alternatively used as an expression of disappointment or to describe one's behavior. Synonymous with crapsack, poopsack, fartsack.
It's so cold out here I'm producing fartsicles!

You're such a fartsicle!
by Rachel Woodhouse November 30, 2006
37 13
A fart produced with one's anus filled with ice.
For a change of pace, gassy Julian thought it might be fun to cool himself down with a fartsicle.
by m00d33 August 05, 2011
3 3