1) This is a device attached to a robot that allows a robotic being to fart as a normal human being would.

2) A smelly orgasmic noise.

3) Potentially a new race in skyrim thats added in a future mod.
A Fartron could apply to one of the following examples:

Robot cleaner 1) Intiate fart command now Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that computes better.

Bob: whoa jessie you smell really bad today and your makeing spastic noises, do you feel really happy or something today?

Jessie: Nah just having a smelly orgasmic noise day.

Baldaur the brave: Whoa was that me, sorry guys lets all have another round

Angry Dwarfs: Ye smelly git, i no like your race now git out of ouar tavern before i stick my blade up your corkhole.
by smelly bob weasel 3000 December 11, 2011

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