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A unification of individuals, usually taking place in a restroom or similar facility, wherein said individuals engage in flatulence that is clearly noticeable to those entering the restroom at a later date.
"Dude, what's going on with the bathroom on the fifth floor? It's really disgusting."

"Actually, I think some fartnership meetings were held in the 5th and 6th floor men's bathrooms today. I noticed that they left some of their materials there, though.."

See also Nasca v. GC Services Ltd. Fartnership, No. 01CIV10127, 2002 WL 31040647 (S.D.N.Y. Sep. 12, 2002).
by ICBLs April 22, 2010
When a boyfriend and girlfriend step into a comfortable place where uncomfortably holding farts in, is no longer. No more explosions when she steps out of the truck. No more loud, dry coughs to cover a fart on the wooden chair at your Caribou date. No more passing false convictions to your dog when your significant other walks in right after you slipped a quiet sauerkraut tickler. This is the stage where trusting each other grows tremendously and the trust for your farts does the exact opposite.
Fartnership displayed: A fantastic partnership of two having a conversation on the way home from Chipotle - Ladyfriend, "Ooo man my stomach hurts, Sweetie I think we may have to make a quick poop stop." Manfriend,"No, it'll be ok Darling, trust me. Be fearless, fart as loud as your anus will allow." Ladyfriend, "Ok sweetie, thank you for not passing judgement." (plopping, slappy ham mist is forced through) Manfriend,"You are so courageous, I love you."

Jack forcefully cocoons Jill under the blanket to bask in a devilish warm butt gas. Jill laughs a bit. They have demonstrated a fartnership.

She showers as he poops, a slightly different form of Irish Bonding, both are unable to keep a quiet fart against the porcelain and shower tile. Gentle giggles and conversations ensue later. This would be fartnership at its best.
by haulpanson November 21, 2014
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