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The tard karted mormonized version of fuckwad, similar to the mormon adaptation of shit ("shucks")

Human: "What the hell you faggy bike riding fuckhole! Get away from my door!"

Mormon: "Shut up farquad i gots a message from jeezuz!"

Human: <beats the shit out of faggy bike riding fuckhole>
by number42 March 30, 2010
21 20
Someone or something that is idiotic or downright stupid. Another meaning is someone who is noticeably shorter than the average human population.
Your such a farquad!
by MeHow27 November 22, 2009
16 16
When you're hitting on a girl and then your buddy or some random jabrone ends up going home with her.
Dude, did you hear about Bob getting totally farquaded by the jabrone in the affliction shirt last night?
by The crazy cowboy August 16, 2009
9 17