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Of ancient Middle-Eastern origin meaning 'Immense Power of one's being'. Farooki is an uncommon Muslim name, as only the truest of bloodlines can carry the weight of it's heritage, which embodies the purest strength of physical and mental form.

Farooki's have the tendency to appear humble yet distant upon normal daily interaction, as it is the only way to contain the force of their underlying spirit. They do not seek power in the form of physical objects, but are driven to achieve peak limits of a greater, more fearsome physical being.

A Farooki's natural aura attracts followers, friends, and those seeking protection. Their friendship is highly coveted, as they will be the first to join a companion in battle and lead the charge. Despite the dangerously bold nature of rushing into the fray, a Farooki is also typically the last one standing.

Money is considered a means to survival and only exists to allow for the continued journey towards increasing physical and mental power. If a friend requests $10 dollars from a Farooki, but he only has $5 dollars to his name, then he will give up everything in his pocket; even if it meant he would go hungry. The unknown future does not scare a Farooki, as they live only for the struggles of each day.

You will never have to question if someone is a true carrier of the 'Farooki' name, as their mere presence will bring awareness to the question.
We cannot possibly defeat those odds, unless we had a Farooki with us
by Dr. Ikooraf March 20, 2014
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