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An unorthadox haircut in the style of a traditional "mohawk" or a widened version of a mohawk. What sets this particular haircut apart from other mohawks is its "Fahrney" color, a reddish brown that is not sold in stores, i.e. Wal-mart due to scientists inability to reproduce the ungodly aweful color. Though it's precise origins are unknown, the Farnhawk is believed to have originated somewhere in Tuscarawas county, Ohio or thereabout. Heavy intoxication and a smorgus board of mind altering substances is believed to have played a role in the self mutilation that later was termed the Farnhawk, though it is still unclear as to what mutations led to the Fahrney color. Scientists have offered a gratuitus reward for information leading to a farnhawk as they are extremely rare.(only 1 known example ever recorded) Chinese scientist Ste Fan Wei stated: (translated) "We wish to isolate the Farnhawk, and find out what caused this unique phenomena so that we can ensure this autrocity never happens again, or at least develope a cure or 12 step plan for recovery."
What the heck is a Farnhawk?
by Steve Fahrney April 26, 2010