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To feel uncomfortably full after eating a massive meal.
To Farnarvish - To eat massive quantities until the uncomfortable feeling of farnarvishment is achieved.
Origin: To go too "far" in the endeavor to achieve "nourishment," resulting in discomfort, requiring a sharper, less soothing pronounced sound, provided by the combination of "r" and "v."
Combined to create: Farnarvish
"Everything at Thanksgiving dinner was so tasty and I could not stop eating. Before I knew it I was farnarvished beyond belief!"
"I am so farnarvished right now that I can't even lift my fork, let alone get out of this chair!"
"This food looks so great, I am planning to farnarvish myself right now."
"Every time I have the opportunity to eat free food, I aim for farnarvishment."
"I have made becoming farnarvished a hobby and a talent."
by N.F.L. February 03, 2010
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