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The act of creeping on young females who are 2 or more grades below you. Farling is a gerund of the term FARL which defines a male who exemplifies a complete creepy, selfish, douche. To spot someone Farling they typically sport faux hawks, bro shades, and nasty facial hair. Farlers have a tendency to crash parties, carry 30 packs, wear snapback head accessories and brainwash innocent freshmen. Farlers for whatever reason seem to be bred in LAX bro environments. This usually leads to them earning several restaining orders from the women they Farl. (also known as Farlees)
"Blake was Farling so hard on that sophomore at the party tonight."

"Bro, did you see Kevin hooking up with that chick last night? She was like 13 years old. WHAT A FARL!"
by The FarlMaster February 04, 2012
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A Darling who engages in Fapnapping.
Oh my Farling, you've perfected fapnapping into an art form!
by mm2urban June 07, 2013
someone with a funny lookin backside.

describing words: hairy, funny, big booty
wow check out that Farling chick with the hairy booty, i bet she gets major PU-TANG!
by JOBENBABY!!! April 29, 2010

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