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Given by the angel Far.

"Far" is an ancient Persian angel (in Zoroastrianism).
"dad" in Persian means either "given" or "justice".

Fardad is the concatenation of these two words.

Therefore "Fardad" means "given by the angel Far" and is a beautiful Persian name. Most of Persian names ending with "dad" are usually very ancient as well. Names such as Mehrdad (gift of the Sun), Khodadad (given by God), Shahrdad (gift of the city), Bamdad (early morning), Behdad (best justice), and so on.

How is it pronounced?

Persian (or Farsi or Parsi) is a very, very melodic language and that is one of the reasons it is so beautiful. The tone of your voice can fully determine the meaning of the sentence or word. Factors such as anger, relief, happiness, doubt, etc would heavily influence how you pronounce a word or sentence in Persian. Therefore the proper pronunciation of this name would depend on the speaker and their mood! But for non-native Persian speakers, the best (simplest) way would be the following:

Pronounce "Far" like the first part (ending with 'r') of "farrow" in English, trying to pronounce the 'r' the Spanish way: quite clear and emphasised.

"Dad" is NOT pronounced as dad in English. Pronounce it as "daad".

So you could pronounce it as FaRdaad (with R being emphasised in the Spanish way).
The name Fardad.
by AghaFardad February 04, 2010
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