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When an activist (namely Jason Russell) faps in public, thus discrediting anything this "faptivist" ever stood for and bringing about the demise of his campaign.
Kony2012 supporter: I really identify with Jason Russell's cause to catch Kony by the end of 2012!

Learned individual: You must be feelin' salty to support faptivism
by person056 March 19, 2012
First pioneered by Jason Russell in March 2012 faptivism is the practice of vigorous fapping as a means of achieving political or other goals often through public demonstrations, fap mobs etc.
"did you hear that the kony 2012 guy suffered a mental breakdown?"

"nah, he had just resorted to faptivism, he was the first ever faptivist, a real hero."
by groucho marx March 17, 2012

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