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The act of falling asleep due to heavy masturbation
Tim: Why weren't you at the party last night, man?
Chase: Sorry bro, I was watching porn before and I had to fap out
by Aaronbennay November 30, 2011
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Fapout is the tired feeling you get after jacking off
Bob: Hey man I just couldnt sleep night any tips?
Jack: I drink a little, then I combine it with some fapout,
I sleep like a baby
by StrickenMasterC December 05, 2011
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When you have completely rid your body of semen via masturbation. Usually leaves you with an aching dick and probably may be the single greatest moment in your life as a virgin.
Phil couldn't come to class today, he's had a fapout.
by SquiuqS January 18, 2017
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