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One who has mastered the skill of fapping. see fap.
Hector: Dude, what's that noise?
Greg: Oh, that's just boone the fapmaster
Hector: He seriously needs to think about dating, man.
by THE REAL BOONE July 30, 2008

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This is another usage of the word "fap", which means to masturbate. There are three distinct levels of fapping and Fap Master is the middle most level of fapping. It is someone who spend a considerable amount of time fapping, but not enough to constitute being a Fap-a-saurus Rex. A Fap Master spends about 3/4 of his day fapping, but he still gets things done; like eating, showering, and sleeping. A Fap Master does not spend every waking and non-waking hours of the day fapping, only some of them. And you still do not want to shake a Fap Master's hand.
Chick: "So how many times a day do you fap?
Dude: " Oh, about 4 or so times a day."
Chick: "So your a Fap Master and not a Fap-a-saurus Rex?
Dude: "Maybe, but I am fapping right now!
by Dash Random October 26, 2010