The term used to describe a certain lustful advance mostly affiliated with a certain bronze gnome whom has a tendency to derive sexual lust towards the Draconic races. Male or Female.
K-dawg: Hey, did you hear about Falcone last night?

V-Dawg: No, what did he do now?

M-Dawg: No doubt let the Fap Dragoninto his mind as usual.
by MVKDawgs July 23, 2012
Top Definition
A way of asking someone when the last time they fapped was without straight out asking when the last time they fapped was. Usually used in a safe for work environment towards people you don't know. It is considered more polite.
Customer: So, how's the Fap Dragon?
Store Manager: Yeah he paid me a visit a few minutes ago
Customer: Shit yeah! You're a real Fap Master!
by King of Fappers '94 December 08, 2010
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