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Creepers who are beyond obsessed with the incredibly talented performer Idina Menzel and who would scare Idina if she knew the extent of their craziness.

Often Fanzels partake in extensive stalking activities including of people who work for Idina or are known to be liked by Idina in the hope to become BFFs with them.
Fanzel: "omg I am Idina's #1 Fanzel, i scream I LOVE YOU IDINA a thousand times per concert and ask her to moo with me"

Regular Idina Fan: "I hope the fanzels have discovered concert/theatre ettiquette and behave at this show"
by noiwillnotmoowithyou March 28, 2009
a fan of Idina Menzel! Only the best singer in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!! idinamenzel dot com!!
I am the biggest fanzel ever!!
by carley menzel August 10, 2008
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