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a poo which you do but you dont feel it come out, you just hear the slash, you then look in the toilet and it isnt there.
When you have a slippy poo (Fantom Poo) and it goes down the pipe on its own
by Tizmo January 09, 2008
A poo which you do that you dont feel come out, you don't have to wipe and it flushes itself. You just hear the splash.
Roddy "I just did a Fantom Poo".

Tom "Lovely".
by Zute Zute October 11, 2009
a poo that you do but you dont feel it come out, the only way you know it has come out is that you here the splash, but when you look into the toilet it isnt there, it has gone down the pipe.
"OMG i have just done a fantom poo that i didnt feel but is splashed my but and it isnt in the loo.
by Tizmo January 09, 2008
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