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Being awesome, fantastic, and fabulous at the same time.
Something that is extremely amazing
Did you see her outfit?

Yeah it was fantabulous!!!

You are a fantabulous kisser!!
by Emilyab9 March 26, 2013
0 1
Fantastic and Fabulous combined....a really great thing!
That dress is fantabulous.
by Maggie April 26, 2004
4 10
When something is good beyond good beyond good, and all other positive explanations have been used. See fantasic and fabulous.
I'm feeling fantabulous today!
by Lynz March 21, 2004
3 9
something that is absolutly out of this world, a mix of fabulous and fantastic
god, that was fantabulous
by Gigglefairy January 02, 2004
1 7
Fantastick, to a higher degree; better than average; great with more emphasis.
I had a fantabulous day, because that hot guy asked me out!
by Kimmy November 13, 2003
2 8
A mix of fabulous and fanstic, used to express extreme appreciation and/or happiness. Most commonly used by over zealous flamboyant males turning ugly girls into beauty pageant queens in shows such as MADE.

"Those open-toed shoes are so much more fantabulous than those ugly hooker heels"
by BelleEpoque August 24, 2006
2 9
For when you can't decide whether to use "fabulous" or "fantastic". Just use them both. Why not? They mean the same thing.
Used in the same way as "fabulous" or "fantastic", only twice as excitedly.
"Try the bacon cheeseburger, I swear it's FANTABULOUS!"

"Geez, Karen, your hair looks FANTABULOUS today!"
by Caitlin March 25, 2005
2 10
The North Jersey slang term for something both Fantastic and Fabulous!
I hope you're having a Fantabulous day!
by LJP February 28, 2005
2 12