From Greek; Amor'e is everything girls ever dreamed of having. To be Amor'e is to be more than pimp dizzle, it transcends mere mortality.
If I were a girl, I would love to get boned by Amor'e.
by AIAmor July 12, 2006
When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie.
Astronauts often encounter amore.
by AllisonAwesomeSauce April 22, 2016
A very beautiful girl with a nice bum and normal sized boobs. She is extremely funny and is friendly to everyone apart from enemies. She is strong inside and out. She is normally associated with porn because of her sexual name...But when you meet her you will fall in love.
Amoré is so beautiful, im so jealous!!
by Turnnn uppp July 28, 2016
An Italian word meaning "love".
Antonio has amore for Ricardo's cock and balls because he is Italian as well.
by Superior intellect September 12, 2003
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