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A hybrid of fantastic and spectacular, fantabular is used to describe something at the top of the awesome scale.
Danielle is a fantabular at dance dance revolution
by Jim Bobo March 06, 2007
An adjective that describes something as excellent, exceptional, awesome. A combination of fantastic and tubular.
"Dude, that hat is fantabular."
"My, that last glass of pinot noir was absolutely fantabular!"
"Richard Simmons feels fantabular."
"Garden gnomes are not fantabular."
by nolen December 06, 2006
A cross between Fantastic and Spectacular. Used to put extreme emphasis on something that is extremely enjoyable.
Note: The b is just for flow
Andrew: Yo man that show Entourage is great
Me: Forsure man, its fantabular.
by Capps_131 September 14, 2008
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