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(n) a term of reference to a male peer which asserts a perfumed ponce doily flower shirted demeanor, worthy of swift physical punishment.

(etymology) Fanny Waggert (1823- 1899) was a formidable English Victorian spinster renowned for reducing grown men to servile dishwashers.

FANNY WAGGERT: "Reverend Corrigan, I hope you are going to help the Major in the garden when you have finished organising the knitting needles in terms of size?"

REV. CORRIGAN: "But of course Mme Waggert"

Over time, the usage has become derogatory.
Aye that lad Thommeh is a reet Fanny Waggert now he's got to marrying young Ethel Ballgrinder.
by Blue Meanie Fan Club May 26, 2014
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