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When a man gets just as excited as a fangirl over something nerdy, but is too mature to be called a "fanboy"
Man 1: Wow Doctor Who is such an amazing show!
Man 2: Are you a fanboy?
Man 1: On the contrary good sir, I am a "fanman"
by Loki of Asguard December 12, 2013
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What happens to fanboys when they get old. Once they were teenagers sat in their bed rooms pouring over comic books and video games. The next thing they know they're middle aged bearded men who still get jump up and down excited about stuff.
Child1- Did you see the avengers movie?

Child2- Yeah it was awesome!

Child1- I know right but I think my Dad was into it more than me... he bought a shield.

Child2- I know what you mean, my Dad's seen it seventeen times now, he's not been to work in a week.

Child1- Our dads are such fanmen
by Spethlington April 04, 2013
A male who impersonates the same love and devotion to a band as what a 13-15 year old girl would have. He is usually worrying older than this age.

If truly a Fan-Man, he will make it his priority to buy merch, go to gigs and attempt to star in their music videos.

Popular bands of Fan-Men are 5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, You Me At Six and Muse (to name a few).

Fan-Men can be inappropriately seen as being slightly feminine, which isn't always the true or the full story, but can be worryingly accurate.

These men can make good friends or more, and can be matured with age. Like a fine whiskey, if they even know what that is.
1. "OMG! I'm such a Fan-man, I luv this song!"

2. (usually a response to 1.) "Dude, this is a bar, not a girls changing room. Stop being such a Fan-man."
by Fan-man August 04, 2014
1. (usually used as an adjective or a verb) When either a boy or a girl fans so hard about something that they get a "fan erection" and therefore, is fanmaning.

2. When a straight boy/man fans over a boy who is usually famous, or a fictional character.
1. That girl has been fangirling about the anime Black Butler for the past hour. What a fanman.

2. That boy keeps fanmaning about Justin Bieber's new hit song.
by Mysterious_twinkie April 06, 2015

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