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Noun: A family made up entirely of friends in a shared fandom. Term coined by Jadarene.
"I have so much lurve for my fanily! They always leave me such helpful comments on my latest fic, and lodge pervy plotbunnies in my head for the next one. Honestly Hermione, what would I do without them? They are so OMGWTFBBQSQUEE!!eleven!!!"
by Chrystal Barr June 17, 2004

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When your closest friends/family support you in such a way that they are your fans, they are referred to as your "fanily."
Ginger: "I'm singing a song for the talent show!"
Ian: "We'll be there!"
Will: "Yeah, that's what fanily is for!"
by wrmoore94 March 18, 2013
(noun) - When a group of people or students of Taekwondo are "Fans" of the "Family" atmosphere then you have a Fanily environment.
Family word changed to Fanily
by Skylark1966 March 13, 2013