A pathetic site who's admins and moderators have an insane tendency to delete good fanfiction for no reason whatsoever, citing "plagarism" or "off-topic" reasons. (see Incident 001 and Dr. eL vs. Evangelion for more information)
When fanfiction.net deleted all my fiction, saying it was plagarised from something completely different, I boycotted them.
by Dr. eL January 04, 2004
the website i live on
i live on fanfiction.net
by buttongirl August 19, 2006
A place where people with nothing better to do other than watch Star Trek and play D&D go.
-- Hey, what did you do Friday night?
-- Uh, I stayed home and went on FanFiction.net.
by Ben September 29, 2003
a stupid site where otakus, goths and nerds (all idiots) go to talk about anime and anything from japan (because everyone knows EVERYTHING from japan is cool especially the yakuza and kamikaze pilots. when people don
t agree with them, they use "witty" comebacks that they think make them cool and the mods and admins delete good stories because of obscure rules that contradict many others.
"I went to fanfiction.net to look at some anime strories to masturbate to" -Otaku
by Phil March 28, 2004

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