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a place where comic book fans have fun dress up get some pretty kewl freebies for like 4 days and if you mock comic-con your an idiot who's probably never even been to comic-con
i went to comic-con 2006 dress up as sakura from naruto and got a bunch of free shit and people took my picture
by buttongirl August 13, 2006
ADD means attention deficit disorder it really sucks... even though it is kinda fun yelling stuff out randomly when i don't take my meds... well anywho it pretty much is where you cannot focus on tasks and really would rather draw on everything or whatever than listen to a teacher talk about random school crap i would know the teacher VIDEO TAPED me in second grade saying i was messed up and never payed attention to her then i got sent to a psyciatrist who thought i was like 3 when i was like 7 and then got sent to the psyco docter i have now who says if i ever look like a goth he'll kick me out hes like crazy and he keeps trying to get me entirely off ADD meds because he said it should be gone by now but isnt and on my medicine file in the nurses office at school it says adhd but i don't and now i'm rambling and in conclusin when you have add you have to take a shitload of medicine and all my friends with ADD don't need medicine anymore but i still do oh and i guess if you have it when youre little its supposed to go away eventually but mines not and its not just people trying to get attension theres people (like me) with a serious problem with focusing i almost failed second grade because i was always distracted!!!!!! so those who just say oh i have add when you don't thats making fun of the people who really have add and i would just tell off everyone around me who does that but the crazy doctor gave me all this medicine and it totally destroys my personality and makes me unhappy and boring and i never talk it SUCKS to have ADD you don't want it so don't joke about having it and the medicine keeps you up all night
me in second grade
me thinking: why is there a video camera in the classroom?
miss detrez(evil):bridget stop staring at the camera and do your work
a week later
miss detrez at parent/teacher meeting: i video taped bridget heres the video tape she obviously has a problem she should go see somebody about it
at the psyciatrist
crazy psyciatrist with more problems than me: lets watch this video
after the video
psyciatrist: she has ADD i suggest you go to this doctor
at the doctors office
doctor: she should take lots of medicine!!!!!
me:don't i get a say in any of this....ooh it's a doctor suess book!
everybody: NO YOU DON'T GET A SAY IN THIS!!!!!!
by buttongirl February 08, 2007
a "science" that was believed to turn lead into gold that was used before the creation of the scientific method in which if you don't know what that is fuckin look it up but thats not important the most common thing said about alchamists is that they were charlatans and crackpots but some of them were were famous scientists or scolars like isaac newton and robert boyle if you dont them yet again fuckin look it up now on with what i was saying there are 3 main goals to alchemy they are 1. The transmutation of metals into gold and silver 2. An elixir that will prolong life indefinitely 3. The transmutation of human life
yeah pretty much they wanted to make a philosephers stone so they could be youthful forever which i dont know why i mean when i thing youth i think being trapped in a happy flowery hell with maito gai and rock lee from naruto *gags*

alchemy is kewl and the reason i even did this was because my love for the fullmetal alchemist series and the llamas in my brain told me to
by buttongirl September 17, 2006
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