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The act of humming or singing the entrance theme song of WWE superstar Fandango
Fandangoing started the night after Wrestlemania in the Izod Center
by UrbanWWE April 12, 2013
To do the dance of the WWE Wrestler Fandango while singing along to the song ChaCha LaLa; primarily done for the pleasure of comedy
We should start Fandangoing now that Fandango is making his entrance to the ring.
by WrestlingDiva May 07, 2015
When a company takes a new Internet meme and pays a lot of money to try and make it to go viral & taking it away from the fans, thus killing the coolness.
Really, WWE? A bunch of cheerleaders just happen to know Fandango's theme song and actually care enough about to perform it? Fandangoing is faker than your pretend sport now.
by Mr Funny April 15, 2013
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