Fans that push the limits of rooting for their respective teams, and make themselves look like a douche in the process.
"Man, did you see that guy who was drunk off his ass, a few seats above us?"

"The guy with the painted chest, who kept yelling the ENTIRE TIME?"

"Yeah, that guy was a total FanBag."
by Doughnutfingers December 20, 2012
Top Definition
Fanbag - girl who pretends to enjoy sports for the sole purpose of impressing a guy. Usually a girl with very little to offer and a guy who is probably gay and spends too much time in the football club showers.
James: Man, that Sarah gives me the shits always trying to watch the local sports game with us. How are we meant to make crude jokes and belch and fart with a girl around. She ruins game day.

Simon: Yeah. She is a real Fanbag. I think she is trying to get into Tony's pants.

James: Tony's gay brah. Haven't you seem him checking out your schlong in the showers after practice.

Simon: No way! I am showering in my board shorts from now on. Should we tell her Tony is gay so she fucks off?

James: Na man. It'll be funny when she finally figures it out. Then I can be her frustration fuck.
by Lifestyle Specialist December 05, 2013

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