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Sarcastically fantastic
"oh Shinequa your shoes are fanastic"
"what does that mean?"
"that they're are horrendous"
by Timz October 10, 2012
word commenly used on the internet when people type to fast.
omg i F***ing just sa th mos fanastic movi ever!

(omg i just F***ing just saw the most fantastic movie ever!)
by Restlefan June 14, 2007
fanastic; adj or verb; (pronounced : bombastic) a fantastically stupid/retarded action; and insult.
When you slipped on the ice so fanastically, I couldn't help but point and laugh at your sorry ass.
by BECKS. March 08, 2009
There is no such a word. But, some people still insist it means something.
Mr. Man: "That's fanastic, isn't it?"
Mr. Normal :"What's that?"
by r_vof_r February 29, 2016
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