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someone who leeches off other people's families. be it murdering their victim's family, or simply snatching them from their beds, a fampire simply wants a family of their own, and will do anything for it.
Kleinchen just killed my brother and sister. and mother. and great aunt susie. all because he wanted me to be his family. He's such a fampire.
by KonnorMitEinK April 12, 2011
One who is an obsessive fan of the the Twilight series by Stephenie Myer and vampires in general.
"My friend bought ANOTHER Twilight shirt the other day"

"Yeah, she's a total fampire"
by chocolemonade March 18, 2009
one who is a vampire and a fairy
"your such a Fampire"
"what do you mean"
"your a vampire and a fairy"
by jknp May 19, 2009

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