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A mix of three words : Fabulous,Amazing, and Marvelous.

When you see something great or experience an event which leaves you totally speechless (in a good way),this is the perfect word to use.

It is not only described in one whole word; it has 3 words into one,because sometimes the greatest things in life don't deserve an ordinary word such as good,awesome,exciting or great.

Only the rare and best of the best need a unique word! So, next time you don't know which word to use to describe an overly amazing thing...Just say FAMAZINGLOUS!
1. "The surprise party was FAMAZINGLOUS! My jaw dropped instantly. I was shocked!"

2. "That picture was one of the best I've seen so far.The colors looked so 3D.Very eye candy.It was FAMAZINGLOUS!"

3. "I got a feeling of FAMAZINGLOUS ecstasy when I saw my wife walking towards me at our wedding! I never thought I'd cry of happiness but I did."

4. "You are freaking FAMAZINGLOUS.I love you with all my soul.Thank you!"

5. "I cannot explain the way I feel when I'm on a roller coaster ride.Its so scary but FAMAZINGLOUS at the same time!"

6. "Don't just dream. Make it happen! Enjoy every moment of your life in a FAMAZINGLOUS way!"
by Dymur1189 January 23, 2012
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