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Fucking + Amazing = Famazing. Simple as. It is similar to Fularious and Fadorable, surely you can work out what they mean anyway. It is used to describe something that is so amazing you feel the need to put 'Fucking' in front of it, only this way, you don't swear.
'That film was absolutely famazing!'
by Dwergi! June 19, 2006
famazing means....fucking amazing
danielle is famazing for being famazing, dana is famamzing for making up the word, jackie is famazing for standing next to me!!!
by danielle August 24, 2004
contraction for fucking amazing. very efficient way of expressing awe to the nth degree.
How was your weekend with Maureen?

I can't adequately describe how great it was. It was absolutely famazing
by lewne August 25, 2009
This is a step above amazing, that extra level of coolness.It is a combination of of two words. Fucking + Amazing = Famazing. Inspired by Ashley.
Wow ashley you are Famazing.
by Gangsterrrrrrrrr May 13, 2008
a word to describe something that is truly extraordinary, something that can't be explained by humans with the use of pre-established words. it is possible that it is a conjoined word for fucking amazing? Also it is the definition and copyright of GabRich, that is all. :)
R: Taste this alcohol?
G: Famazing.
by gabyrich14 November 03, 2010
A wonderful word that is a contraction. It can either be Fantastic+Amazing or Freaking+Amazing, take your pick! Usually used when something is just not cool enough for one adjective alone.
"Oh my gosh, have you heard that new band?!? They're FAMAZING!!!"

by radadams July 10, 2008
fantastic and amazing at the same time.
A: "OMG! you're so fantastic and amazing all in one!"
B: "You mean FAMAZING?"
by Katinka BomBom October 03, 2009
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