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A word meaning "vagina fat". Usually seen on teachers... more commonly, religion teachers.

You can spot Falupa on older women who wear tight pants at or above their belly button.

They usually have a tight bulge around their waist in their pants, looking like their stomach.. but really.. its just falupa.

*religion teacher walks bye*

*1st kid*
"jeeze... did you see ms.storms? her skirts so tight you can see falupa!"

*2nd kid looks over*
"oh god... talk about life-scarring"
by moresa July 29, 2008
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Pronunciation Key {Fah - loo - pah}

A non-derogative term used to make a phrase seem derogative.FALUPA is not a real word and should not ever be rhymed with any other word such as (chalupa, coopa, etc...)

Synonyms:any adjective
Tim: What up Falupa Face.
Girl: Fuck you scumbag.
Tim: Maybe later babe.

Tim: Dam that girl got some Falupa Lips.
WingMan: ScoobyDoobDoob Hell Yea she does!!
Tim: Ok bro, keep it in the pants.
by TimothyT December 13, 2007
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A large quanitity or big group of something
Hannah just sent me a whole Falupa of Forwards, Almost as large as Cam's Falupa of Pokes
by Prime Minister Zoser February 16, 2011
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