Main Entry: Fall of Troy
Pronunciation: Fa-hal uv Troi
Function: adjective
Etymology: Suckyville, USA
1 : Of or pertaining to a band that has no motor skills or rythem.
2 : Of or pertaining to a band that has no vocal clairity
3 : To pull a "Fall of Troy". Also see "To Screw Up"
4 : To make one's ears bleed
5 : To describe someone or something as the opitiomy of all that is bad and wrong in the known universe.
"oh my God, That is so Fall of Troy."
"That band sounds worse than Fall of Troy"
"Id rather die than listen to Fall of Troy"

by Kyle Gene Campbell August 16, 2007
Top Definition
An expression of profound entertainment or pleasure, typically with an album or film. The term comes from the Mukilteo, WA, band The Fall of Troy, whose masterful riffs and undeniable chops thus associated the Near Eastern civilization with tasteful shred.
"That movie was metal!"
"Nah, that movie was Fall of Troy!"
by Lauer January 25, 2007
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