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A bastardization of the word Valentine. Meant to show deep love and enduring affection for a close friend on Saint Valentine's Day. Usually used to refer to only close friends, commonly when there is an absence of a Valentine in users life.
Malia I love having you in my life and dearly value our relationship. I love you very much so please, please, please hurry back to Seattle, Olympia is just too far. :-) Oh and will you be my Falentine. Mike XOXO
by Michael February 11, 2005

Like Valentine, however a 'friend valentine' in a non-romantic way.
Alice: Happy Valentine's day Abby, will you be my falentine?
Abby: I'd love to!
by Jay2323 February 13, 2010
The ultimate level of friend zoned.
Joe: Bruh Gaby just asked me to be her valentine!
Bob: Uhhh, no. She said Falentine. You know, valentine but as friends? You got the ultimate friend zone.

Joe: ... Bye.
by ValentinesBaby February 10, 2015
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