A phrase shouted out shortly before throwing up (munting) after drinking too much. A play on the phrase "Falcon Punch!" made popular by Captain Falcon in the video game series 'Super Smash Bros'.
Tom: "Geez, Pat looks like he's gonna munt!"
Pat: "Uh oh...FALCON MUNT!" *vomits everywhere*
by lefs1789 March 04, 2007
Top Definition
Comes from the term Falcon Punch and munt. When someone is about to munt (vomit) they scream Falcon Munt! as loud as they can, and attempt to munt in the most impressive way they can (ie, uberprojectile).
Dude, watch this - FALCON MUNT!
Omg dude! That was awesome!
by M-ASS O-Camp07 March 03, 2007
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