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verb: to leap forward foot first to kick someone who is far away from you, shouting "FALCON KICK!"

noun: A big leaping kick made famous by Captain Falcon, the main character in the F-Zero game and anime series. It is characterized by Cpt. Falcon flying forward from a standing position, foot first. His leg is covered in fire and he yells "Falcon kick!" Also spelled kyick
Cpt. Falcon: "FALCON KICK!"

Announcer: "GAME!"
by Xenomorph42Q May 13, 2008
A move used in Super Smash Bros series by Captain Falcon. similar to Falcon Punch, only in which he screams "Falcon Kick!!!"
"Dude stop spamming Falcon Kick!!!"
by EpicSmith October 10, 2008
Much like a Falcon Punch gives a pregnant woman an abortion, a Falcon Kick is a kick to a guy's balls so hard it castrates the recipient.
Woman: I don't want to get pregnant with this guy!

Man: I can Falcon Kick him for you if you like.
by Thief Of Time777 April 16, 2010
When you kick a guy so hard in the Penis, You foot gets stuck in his penis hole
Josh got so mad, he Falcon Kicked Larry
by Fliptastey408 July 24, 2008
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