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An atheist that has learned latin words and philosophical fallacies and proceeds to

1) Use them in every single conversation, regardless of the audience
2) Call out others using them without understanding what they actually mean
3) Mention and be guilty of the same fallacy in the same conversation
Atheist #1: "Look, let me explain this to you again, as I've done before, but slower this time, your premises are flawed because..."

Falatheist: "HEY! That's a pretty disrespectful tone, typical Ad Hominem tactics!"

Atheist #1: "I don't want to get off topic, but that's not actually what Ad Hominem means, and I get the feeling that beneath your sesquipedalian loquaciousness you're the same kind of fundamentalist intent of winning arguments through Argumentum Verbosium, which is why you're points are probably not worth listening to.

Falatheist #1: Look who is a Falatheist now!
by Convlad July 23, 2011
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