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1. The perception of extra weight that comes up when looking down at your stomach or thighs. This angle makes them it look bulgier and you can see all of the "hills and valleys" on your stomach/thighs.

2. When someone wears baggy clothing that makes them look heavier than they really are.

3. When your jeans have shrunken in the dryer, making your jeans significantly tighter, giving you the sudden panic of gaining a few pounds.

4. When someone has a round/chubby face but a thin body which automatically makes you think that they are fat in your head.
Emma: *looking down at body* ugh look how bulgy my thighs are
Grace: um are you serious! they are totally not!
look in the mirror! It's just fake fat.

Helen: Omg I totally thought she was like 20 pounds heavier than she actually is until I saw her in a swimsuit. Her clothes are sooo unflattering add they add sooo much fake fat.

Hannah: Eeeek! These pants fit last week! I must have gained like 10 pounds because they are totally too tight now! OMG I have to go on my diet for like 2 weeks more than i planned to!
Mom: Relax honey. They shrunk in the wash. It's just fake fat.

Alex: I think she is like 120/130 pounds.
Mona: No way! she is 110 tops! it looks like she is fat because her face is kinda chubby.
by asdklqswdfghjkmlSzdfxcghvbh June 18, 2011
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