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Created from the words face, jizz and sparkle. Used to describe the moment when a guy jizz's on your face and you put glitter on it so you look a bit prettier in the pictures.
"Here's a picture of me in Crete. Here's me by the pool. Here's me with a fajizzle"

"My boyfriend gave me a right good fajizzle yesterday"
by HelzW17 October 04, 2011
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ADV: General Exclamatory word used to denote surprise, agreement or disgust

N: used in place of any common noun
Chad: "Detroit is the coolest city on earth!"
Ed: "Fajizzle - they have the best gay bars"

Ken: "I hate my retail job, fajizzle!"
Ed: "I hear you, fajizzle, let's go drink beer and forget about it"

Ed: "There is a nelly queen at my office who thinks he's all fajizzle with the mens, but he's just a Poor Hooker In Love"
by C-guy January 16, 2006

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