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The study of the fundamental particles of homosexuality. The sole pioneer of this field was Katherine MC. Katie M.'s work includes the discovery of dykons and queerons and the creation of the Standard Model of Faggotry. The field of Fairysics still has some questions to answer, such as some gaps in the theory that have been filled with gooey, salty, mysterious particles known as bikerdykons and cockgobblerons, which haven't been found yet.
Fairysics, in short, states that an individual's sexuality is defined by the presence of dykons and queerons in the body. Heterosexual males have a substantial amount of queerons, while heterosexual females have a similar amount of dykons. Homosexuality occurs when an individual has an imbalance (i.e. gay men have too many queerons and lesbians have too many dykons). A person's libido is affected by the overall amount of either subatomic particle. For instance, the asexual has virtually none of either dykons or queerons and bisexuality is simply a balance in dykon and queeron levels. Now, these subatomic particles are constantly being absorbed and emitted by people, which is why it's so dangerous to be around too many homosexuals of the same gender if you wish to remain straight -- it is a phenomenon known as gaydiation. The detection of this is called "Gaydar," although not everyone possesses this (mainly it is inherent among homosexuals and lesbians, although some scientists agree there is a certain degree of gaydar within some heterosexuals). Experiments by the military are currently under way to harness this gaydiation into some sort of gayzer. It would be wrist-mounted, and fired by the wrist-flick gesture, with a lispy voice pronouncing "Thap! You're Gay!". Current models have Fabulous Factors of around 50, but there are plans to create a Gay-bomb which would spread gaydiation quickly and turn everyone within a few square kilometers into Liberachi, though some models describe victims as having the appearance of Elton John.
by Alexander G. Huckman September 10, 2006
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