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The underage drinking and weed capitol of the country. Where Dispatch and Dave Matthews are the anthems, and pink polos, lobsters and Lilly are the uniform. Every kid attempts to be ghetto at one point or another but Norwalk is the last place you will ever find them. FCers as freshman can drink college seniors under the table.
Chip and Bunny live in Fairfield County.
by Greenwich Pride April 06, 2005
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A county in the southern part of Connecticut. It has ultra wealthy towns like New Cannan, Westport, Darien, Southport and of course Greenwich. It is the wealthiest county on the East Coast. It contains beaches, estates, and great shopping districts. It also has some of the best school systems in the country.
by Why? June 28, 2004
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Fairfield County is the richest part of the East Coast. There are those extremely rich towns such as Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Wilton, and Westport, but Norwalk, Bridgeport, Stamford, Newtown, Easton, and Redding aren't as low as people make them seem. Norwalk and Bridgeport are NOT ghetto. Yes, they have their share of violence, but every town does. Greenwich and New Canaan are not just full of snobs either. Money does not make people who they are. There are a select few that think it does, but that is not what Fairfield County is about. It is a very diverse county and Norwalk, Bridgeport, and Stamford hold credit for most of that. The "rich bitches" can think whatever they want to think, but when it comes down to it Fairfield County is also full of the most fake people in the East Coast as well.
Unlike Wilton and Greenwich, Norwalk consists of the most real, down-to-earth people in Fairfield County.
by BALLLIN December 21, 2006
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Very wealthy county, a regular contender for the the title of richest county in America. Yes, there are a lot of rich stuck ups in towns such as Westport, Greenwich, etc, but contrary to popular opinions not everyone from fairfield county wipes their ass with 20 dollar bills. Many people, even in towns like Fairfield and Danbury and especially in South Norwalk and Bridgeport, work hard and don't live like movie stars. And also, stop pretending you'll get pulled over in Fairfield or Westport or basically anywhere else in Fairfield county because you're from Bridgeport. If you get pulled over or arrested, its because you're doing something stupid...not because we're haters.
The only way anyone has ever gotten money is by working for it. Don't just bitch about how we have more money then you. Get off your ass and work.
by funkenflash August 05, 2005
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The real deal about fairfield county is that it is the underage drinking capitol of the world because there is nothing else to do for a minor at night. And since most towns like Wilton, Westport, and Darien are extraordinarly rich, the mommy's and daddy's all go away for constant house parties. As for Norwalk, it is not the scum of the earth, but actually has some of the largest mansions and not to mention Stew Leonards and his fortune (By the way he belongs to a country club in Norwalk). The only thing is that Norwalk, Stamford, and Bridgeport are the only urban towns and the largest in the county. Thus there bound to have some minority, poorer population that doesnt exist in the "beautify villas of Greenwich and New Cannan." We are also not the "ghetto" as all of you claim norwalk to be. Just because not every house doesn't cost over a mill and has their own yacht does not mean were poor. Norwalk is at least what the actual real world looks outside of Fairfield Prep and your Range Rovers. Another thing that's great is that the preps are actually scared of Norwalkers. If you have long hair or wear a t-shirt and walk around Westport, don't be surprised to send kids running. Don't worry, if your from any of the rich white towns, its not your fault your so smug and rude. It's just your natural surroundings, so have fun when Daddy's credit card runs out. FC is also a great place to go insect hunting.
The WASP population of Fairfield County has soared to astronomical proportions.
by Raganomic August 01, 2005
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"The Best Place on Earth"

Fairfield County is in southwestern CT, and gives the state its rep for being rich rich rich. It contains some of the wealthiest towns and communities and the country, and some of the wealthiest and snobbiest people. However, those who live here love it, the F.C. isn't a place...its a lifestyle. Think yacht clubs, country clubs, beach clubs....prep schools, the best public schools....$$$
THE F.C. = $$$ and is the place to be...
by F.C. resident April 04, 2005
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Connecticut's southwesternmost county, really more a part of the New York suburbs than New England. Boasts the second-highest per-capita income in the country (after Teton Co., Wyoming, vacationland of the rich & famous) and is home to some towns famous for their ritziness (Greenwich, Westport, Darien, New Canaan). Contrary to the F.C.'s stereotype as a very rich, white, homogenous place, Fairfield County is home to several depressed urban areas (Bridgeport, Stamford, South Norwalk). In addition, the northern part of the county (Bethel, New Fairfield, Brookfield, Monroe, etc.), while still "suburban", is much more indicative of the rest of the country, largely free of the pretentious old-money attitude of the wealthy coastal towns. Many inhabitants of the southern part of the county commute to New York City; most of the rest of the county's population works either in Stamford or in one of the large office parks scattered around Greenwich, Wilton, Westport, Fairfield, Norwalk, Danbury, etc. Great public schools. Out-of-control home prices.
We wanted to move to Fairfield County, but land was just too expensive. We moved just outside of Hartford instead and are doing just fine, thank you.
by P November 17, 2004
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