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A word derived from fail.

Simply put, it means that the person it was directed to is fail, and also a retard hence failtard.

It is usually used when someone says something that is utter fail and is also retarded.
Person One: OMFGBBQROX, did you see that?

Person Two: *sigh* Fucking failtard.
by Andiie January 12, 2010
6 20
A person who repeatedly uses the internet-meme-turned-slang phrase "fail" to describe any number of barely applicable situations, in a weak attempt to boost their geek cred.
Waldo: "You did what? Fail!"
Ralph: "Quit being such a failtard, Waldo. Go back to 4chan where you belong."
by albedosMom669 September 26, 2008
43 12
Someone or something who is both an epic failure and a complete fucking retard. This person or thing has no ammbition in life other than to piss people the hell off.
Chris: OMG that MisterJenkins is on the dam forums again.
Ian: Ahh man, that guy's a fucking failtard!
Chris: I'm gonna delete the motherfucker's posts.
Ian: Pwned!
by Azayles May 06, 2008
40 38
Someone who fails at life, in general - but also does it in a rather amusing way.
Jen - Dr. Ian Malcolm is easily the hottest man in Jurassic Park, despite now being painfully old and wrinkly..especially down below.

Dan - You're a fucking failtard man.
by Crouchio March 04, 2010
2 18
Someone who fails at everything and can never succeed at one thing. Creating mindless threads insulting another human being. Having one person say a fragment with no idea of what a fragment is.
MisterJenkins is a failtard.
by The-Phenom14 May 06, 2008
5 26