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To break something down into its component parts, esp a puzzle or riddle or some kind.

To study something in detail to see how it works, eg solving a crime.
"I never thought I'd solve this whodunit mistery, but once you diconnect the dots it's actually quite simple."

Sam: "Solving this murder case has been a real problem for the guys upstairs"
John: "Yeah I know, we're really gonna have to disconnect the dots on this one.
by Azayles August 04, 2007
To start something, commence, begin. Said with an air of excitement and some melodrama, usually when addressing a crowd.
"Ahh the others have arrived, let the mighty feast beginulate!"
by Azayles August 04, 2007
Verb: To be "horny". In a state of sexual arousal.
"I was looking at my girlfriend on webcam last night. Man she looked so sexy, I was orring bad!"
by Azayles June 17, 2007
Very tasty and delicious.
"Man these spicy chicken wings are proper yummage!"
by Azayles February 21, 2008
Someone or something who is both an epic failure and a complete fucking retard. This person or thing has no ammbition in life other than to piss people the hell off.
Chris: OMG that MisterJenkins is on the dam forums again.
Ian: Ahh man, that guy's a fucking failtard!
Chris: I'm gonna delete the motherfucker's posts.
Ian: Pwned!
by Azayles May 06, 2008

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