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Commonly used as a hashtag to refer to a dignitary, esteemed member of the public, government representative or celebrity personality who fucks up political correctness with regards to Indigenous (namely First Nations and/or Native American Indian) issues.
Did you see Justin Beiber's dipshit article about free gas in the Rolling Stone?! #Failfeathers. Douchebag just set Canada back fifty years.

They gave Harper a war bonnet?! #Failfeathers

Dude, nice hickies bro. #Failfeathers
by UNW_team October 10, 2013
Your tailfeather, only failed.
There was no one at the bar last night, but I still shook my failfeather.

She was ugly and gross and shook her failfeather right next to us.
by Buzzkillgrl August 17, 2010
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