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1. A proverbial cake served to someone who has made a major mistake

2. Used to celebrate a massive fuck up

3. In gaming speak, it is served to a loser after they've been pwnd
The staff members who missed Monday's important board meeting got a failcake.

Congratulations on totaling your new car while driving drunk. Have a nice slice of failcake!

I assassinated your player and served him a failcake. You have been PWND!

by Panasonicyouth December 11, 2007
failcake= piece of cake (assignment,task,or etc.) + epic fail (you're a looser)
"Your shirt is inside-out."
by xlilxstrawberrix April 08, 2009
Another word for fail that is slightly more cute and endearing. A slang term.
1: "OMG that movie was so failcakes"

"Yeah, I know"

2: "Then I tripped over and fell on top of him"

by Indigo Starr March 26, 2010
Fail Cake is a verb meaning to fail or be utterly horrible at something.
Yeah she fail caked hard...
by drumingandstuff April 06, 2011
It's when a person fails to do something or says something that just doesn't work. When the result of something is totally unsatisfactory and/or potentially embarrassing.

It's like when a cake tastes like a dry piece of cornbread with super sugary icing on top: basically unpalatable.
Person 1: Did you see that guy trip over his pant leg just now?

Person 2: Yeah, that was a total fail cake. Sucks to be him.
by rocksiegirl21 April 23, 2011
1. All that is fail, or that could be descibed as such.

2. A cake eaten by those that fail.

3. A urinal cake.
"Man, I am such a failcake that I ate a failcake."

"Please, for the sake of my sanity, elaborate."
by Emperor Kayl February 22, 2009
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