Trying to jailbreak an iPod/iPhone but ending up having to restore your device after failing at the jailbreak.
John: Hey Jane didn't you jailbreak your iPod to get free apps?

Jane: Nah, I screwed that up and ended up failbreaking it.
by TheBadAppleseed February 07, 2011
Top Definition
1. When somebody tries to jailbreak their iPhone, but ends up bricking it.

2. An application that fails to successfully jailbreak an iPhone.
1. Damn it, I just failbroke my iPhone!

2. Greenpois0n is a failbreak app.
by iban3zba55 January 28, 2010
A jailbreak that can't run tweaks.
Did chpwn release his jailbreak?

Nah bro, it's a failbreak
by kirb January 06, 2013
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